Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week in Seven Words #335

I don't always know how an author's life will affect the way I react to or analyze their work. Just sometimes, the knowledge interposes itself between the work and me. The literary merits may still exist, but with the shadow of the knowledge on them.

People have a village mind and vote on global issues.

What she does on the diving board isn't diving; it's flying. She throws herself into the air with a faint smile. She's just as much at ease in the air as in the water.

She sets up a doll schoolroom, where her doll, equipped with tiny books and pens, pretends to be stupid.

She's over six feet tall, and has trained herself to be less intimidating by smiling and laughing a lot. She's also been advised to give up high heels but has refused so far.

They're sweating and shivering as they wait in line at the bank. The loss from their account is only a glitch, they hope, easily reversed.

The ghost stories we share become explorations of what we're really afraid of - the fears that we hesitate to speak on the off-chance they'll become true.


Brian Joseph said...

It is so interesting what you wrote for "blot". I sometimes have this experience. I never though of it in the negative however. I suppose if this knowledge changes the nature of the work, the word "blot" is a good one.

Citizen's of powerful nations do not always think about the "extent" of their votes. I think that you picked the perfect word for this Phenomenon.

HKatz said...

In this case, the knowledge made me recoil from the work itself, though I still tried to evaluate it as it is.

As to the citizens - part of it is not considering the extent of the votes, and it's also having a hard time understanding the issues. People usually think on the level of a village - the immediate concerns of people they know, maybe problems specific to their communities (online or offline). They may think about certain personalities more than issues. Then they get asked to vote on policies that affect global trade, for instance. Are their elected representatives going to look out for them on these issues...?