Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week in Seven Words #333

After getting picked on, he picks on another kid. Watching his pain play out in someone else is satisfying.

There are people who say, "You can tell me anything!" and then react with rejection, contempt, or rage the moment it sounds like something they don't want to hear. Not long after, they'll repeat, with a pristine memory, that you can tell them anything.

The river has an orange and silver shimmer. In the foreground, cars race past with headlights like fireflies.

The adulthood his parents show him seems easy to master. There's a small set of correct beliefs. There's a larger set of beliefs to pay lip service to and mock in private. There are certain people it's ok to laugh at and wound. Always act as if you know what you're doing.

Four of them have tumbled on a diamond-patterned blanket. Their faces give them a free pass on all mischief.

She's happy I call her on her birthday. I'm happy I didn't talk myself out of it with the usual excuses: it wouldn't matter, she doesn't know me well, I'd just be bothering her...

He's presenting a complex lecture, and all it takes is ten seconds(?) of zoning out for me to lose the thread. Like a cat batting at yarn, my brain goes after it, before curling up to nap for the remaining fifteen minutes.