Friday, February 17, 2017

Week in Seven Words #330

What at first sounds like the wind crying resolves into choir music broadcast on a radio in a waiting room down the hall.

She makes short videos of evil twins leaping out of mirrors and people finding an intruder in the closet as they tour their new home. I'm cast in several roles. My favorite is the one where I get stabbed with a plastic pineapple and deliver a monologue for the ages.

All of the commuters packed, flesh to flesh, turn the subway car into a sausage link.

He continues to be fanatic about how normal he is. His way is the one true way of normality.

Waiting for the elevator, stone-faced as a Buckingham Palace guard, while a neighbor and her child scream at each other a few feet away.

Pleasure from a potato's crinkly gold skin.

In her marriage, she's a courtier. Dressed in elegant fabrics that pool on the floor as she bows and scrapes.


Roderick Robinson said...

Clarification Butter is clarified in the kitchen, why I know not, I unimaginatively smear it on bread presumably to ease its journey down the long pink road. Hamming Incomplete without "it up". Meaty Stuffed with interesting facts but in the end unsubtle. Median A sibling relationship with "average" but beware: mathematicians will rush to correct you if you betray it. Reactiveness Those guards have rifles with fixed bayonets; pushed they may stab you and in defence say you threatened "the Queen's person"; as to opposed to what other part of her? Spud Memory, memory: a chain of specialist UK nosheries called Spud-U-Like, possibly now defunct. Sway Memory, memory:
When marimba rhythms start to play,
Dance with me,
Make me sway.

Apologies. I won't do this again. It's your playground not mine.

Brian Joseph said...

I have experienced some moments of "clarification" myself when it comes to hearing music out in the world.

I will never look at packed subway cars the same way :)

HKatz said...

@ Roderick - no need for apologies, that was fun to read. Maybe the guards would say you were threatening the Queen's hat? (She seems to have a lot of different hats, many of them quite elaborate.) And I've learned enough statistics to know how mathematicians would react to treating average and median the same :)

@ Brian - The moment of clarification was beautiful and peaceful. And yeah, these are the things I think about when my face is in someone's armpit on a commute...