Friday, December 23, 2016

Week in Seven Words #319

Half the content of these books is beautiful nonsense, lovingly tended to in the small, dim library.

One ranger is a flinty middle-aged woman. The other is a younger woman with red, wind-bitten cheeks and an honest face. They takes us down paths strewn with the sweet gums' spiky seed pods.

"You have a special bond with her," she says. "And she loves you so much."

American beech bark scarred with names.

A long stretch of gray glass buildings broken up by a grocery store, flowers huddled by its door.

It isn't a discussion he wants, but a chance to speak his opinion as if it's law.

This is love, or some of what love is - sharing the best parts of yourself with others, and hoping their own best self responds.


Nancy Cudis said...

A few words (for infliction and for nosegay, for instance) speak a strong picture... I wish I could write like that. Right now, my contributions for your Week in Seven Words are frustratingly long. But I'll improve. :)

Brian Joseph said...

What you wrote for "affliction" is too common and painful to see.

What you wrote for "rousing" is uplifting :)

HKatz said...

@ Nancy - sometimes mine are long too (dense paragraphs). You write well, and I look forward to more of your posts.

@ Brian - thanks, I'm glad about rousing. Love is uplifting always :)