Friday, July 29, 2016

Week in Seven Words #299

One sculpture awaits us barefoot beneath golden trees. Another looks at us and away from us with dozens of eyes.

We lean against the railing of the bridge as the dusk gathers. The river has turned into a sheet of mica. Blank, burning eyes emerge in the dark - a train approaching.

A conversation on the road, between a pedestrian who lectures a driver on right of way, and a driver who punches his horn in reply.

These parks are kept clean and lovely, and they're left undeveloped. People can lie on the grass just a few feet from a rocky beach. And there's breadth to the space, so they can pretend they aren't on a crowded island. The sunlight is soft today, and bikers take off their shoes and curl their toes in the grass.

He knows he's not allowed to hit people. So he slams pillows on the floor. But even that isn't allowed. So where's the anger supposed to go?

On the river: sailboats, yachts, a battleship, barges, banana-colored kayaks, and inflatable dolphins. The waves thrown into disarray by the watercraft.

Harbor water rises and falls against the statue's anguished face.