Friday, July 22, 2016

Week in Seven Words #298

A piece of driftwood rocks in the middle of the bay, when a sea gull launches off of it.

The warped stone sculpture could be many things. I see it as a woman wearing a cowl.

He returns to the table with beer, pretzels, and hummus.

Pettiness encased in righteous sentiment.

One man has shimmering birds on his shirt. Another wears a sunset on his shorts. A woman puts on a swim dress in pastel American flag colors. Underneath it, her bathing suit is a riot of neon green and orange, colors straight out of the opening credits to a Nickelodeon show.

She's stuck on an algebra problem. "We're going to help you," they tell her. They look over her shoulder. "Why don't you just take out the variables?" "I can't do that," she says. They shake their heads. "You're making things too complicated. Just remove the variables, and you're good." She tries to explain the problem to them, but they cut her off. "Why are you being so difficult?" they say. "We want to help you."

Some of his tattoos seem to spring from his muscles like strips of animated film. His other tattoos are more static and turn his chest and back into a billboard ad.