Friday, July 8, 2016

Week in Seven Words #296

The neon fizzle of lemonade and the odor of fried food at the street fair.

On the subway, he sits with his head nestled between huge headphones. As the train screeches around a bend, he bobs his head and smiles.

"In the divorce," she says, "I got the friends. The good friends."

Among the books displayed shoulder-to-shoulder or on their backs along the table, I find a collection of Yiddish stories. It smells like it's been waiting in the back of a bookcase for its day in the sun.

The child pushes away her mom's hand. She wants to try walking on her own, away from the hand that clutches at her shoulder and arm.

I love watching adults do cartwheels or dance spontaneously.

A hard blue river foaming at the mouth.


Brian Joseph said...

One thing that I love about these posts is they that you capture a certain aspect of real life in your descriptions.

I can smell the air of a street fair when I read what you wrote for "citrine," I can see the mother and child when I read what you wrote for "individuate."I can smell old when I read what you wrote for "forth".

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

This is a really impressive collection of words and descriptions this time :)

I had to do a double take when you likened rabid to a foaming river mouth, but the word really does conjure up beautifully the white foam frothing and forcing its way to its onwards journey.

When you stop and think about it, we adults aren't really very light-hearted or spontaneous, are we? I wonder at what point our psyche subtly changes and we come to the conclusion that our behaviour needs to change so dramatically that we become such serious individuals and fun has to become an orgainised event that we need to know about in advance, so that we can prepare for it!

I only ever eat burgers at a street fair and that is only because my sensory endorphines are alerted in such a way that they wouldn't be if I walked past a burger joint in the town.

Thanks for a great post and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


HKatz said...

Thanks, Brian. I'm glad they evoke those qualities of life :)

And Yvonne, thanks for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts. I also wonder about the things that make adults more self-conscious about acting in light-hearted ways and being more spontaneous about joy. Sometimes people get ground down by life. They may also cultivate a cynicism that makes them less likely to just feel joy.