Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week in Seven Words #288

They laugh at the old-fashioned special effects, but are clearly into the story, these kids raised on CGI.

She practices her song and dance routine with a self-conscious grin, her voice sometimes falling to a whisper as she tries not to laugh.

One of the useless comments people have made to her, on hearing about her mental illness, is "Just get over it. It's all in your head." Their ignorance is all in their head too.

Most of the time, she lies on the couch with her head on her arms. But as soon as Toto appears, she tenses and starts barking. She rushes to the TV and presses her nose against the other dog, as he runs away from the Cowardly Lion.

As he picks his way across the cracked asphalt, he keeps his head submerged in a newspaper. Even when crossing the street.

The art in the lobby features women draped in silk and crowned with poppies, leaves, and sunflower petals.

Instead of trying to refute her arguments, he questions her right to argue. Now she has to use up energy defending herself on a more basic level.