Friday, January 29, 2016

Week in Seven Words #276

They tell him not to take a swig from the hot sauce bottle. But how will he know what it's like for his tongue to catch fire? He compromises and shakes just a few drops into his mouth. Then buries his face in a pillow on the couch.

We're going to have an intense, pleasing conversation across a table covered in desserts. And afterwards, we won't bother keeping in touch.

Three winter-blasted souls. They're perched on a sofa, their eyes sharp and cold. When I nod 'hello,' they don't reply.

I'm like a suitcase. She drags me over to the window where I'll be out of the way.

The young child insists that the elevator's '5' button is really a 'B.' He points out curves and lines to support his argument.

Brown grass and bracken in the clean air of the hills.

After oral surgery, he tries a full sentence. All we hear is a groan that ends on a whine. There's probably a question mark at the end of the sentence.


Brian Joseph said...

Having recently had gum surgery, I laughed at what you wrote for "vocalization". Shortly after the procedure I was forced to have conversation about medical billing. It was not a good experience :)

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

It always makes me smile, to listen to children's conversations with both their peers and adults. They seem to focus all their concentration and energy on the minutiae of a situation and can recall trivial details which we have long forgotten!

I also liked your interpretation of respiring and I am envisaging all the plants and grasses, now devoid of leaves and greenery, being able to draw in all that clean clear air, ready to clothe themselves again in the spring!

Thanks for sharing and I hope that you are enjoying your weekend :)


HKatz said...

@ Brian - Conversations about medical billing often aren't a good experience, regardless of the procedure; but I hope you're feeling better after the surgery.

@ Yvonne - I agree; I like seeing what children focus on, what grabs their attention. Have a great week :)