Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Short Story: When Linda Sketched the Dead

Halfway Down the Stairs published one of my short stories last week. The link to it is here. The opening paragraph:
Down the block from Linda’s home, there was a cemetery. Its southern gate faced her street and stayed open daily until dusk. On afternoons when Linda’s mother lay down with one of her headaches, Linda took a sketchbook to the graves.


Brian Joseph said...

I just read your story. I thought that it was fantastic.

I love the idea of looking at gravestones and imagining the deceased in various stages of life. I also thought that the passages that took place in the bedroom were vey effective.

Next time I am in a cemetery I think that I will begin to picture the deceased in ways that Linda does in this story,

HKatz said...

Thanks so much, Brian, for your lovely comment. I'm glad the story will change the way you view the dead :)