Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week in Seven Words #271

Three ladies leafing through books in a room hung with tapestries.

A rattling cart, laden with aluminum trays of warm fragrant meat.

The only splash of color in the office comes from a banner with a beach scene: sunset, gold sand, palms imprinted on curling waves.

Without the usual roar from the TV, there's a startling quiet in the house.

His know-it-all attitude masks a fear of the world and an uncertainty about his place in it.

Dinner isn't so much a minefield as a sea dotted with icebergs. What's above the surface is dangerous enough; below, there are contours and formations we can't bear to think about.

"Our online system works well. People can find things easily and save their search results reliably. Clearly we're doing something wrong."