Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week in Seven Words #270

Held in place by the people around her, she falls asleep standing up in the subway car.

Flowers spilling out of the grocery store to meet the warmer air.

We have a short time together. Make it count, I think. Tell funny stories, crack jokes. But I can't think of anything. My need to perform is proof of the distance between us. I can only wave and gesture and pull faces like a clown; anything more subtle won't get noticed.

Coffee in a solarium. He wishes he could smoke indoors too. He takes out his lighter and turns it in different angles until a blade of sunlight springs out of it.

Fog probing the upper reaches of the tree.

It's hideous when parents turn one of their children into the brutal enforcement arm of their parental power. The child dispenses punishment - berates the other children, bullies and hits them. The parents watch calmly from their heights.

The fire station has fallen apart. A truck and a police car have smashed into the pizzeria. Mermaids bob in the harbor next to capsized boats. The future of Lego City looks grim.


Brian Joseph said...

I laughed at the very interesting but slightly disconcerting imagery for "wreckage".

HKatz said...

Thanks :)