Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week in Seven Words #259

A cockroach scales the chrome and neon walls of the ice cream parlor like a sci-fi hero.

A storm whips the houses, cloaks the streetlights.

She doesn't want to admit to buying the junk food for herself, so she claims it's for friends or family. It gets me annoyed with how much guilt and shame is associated with food (with some brands even labeling their products 'guilt-free'), as if shame or guilt will reliably motivate people to make healthier choices long-term. And as if it's shameful to have some dessert.

He asks me what I'm sentimental about. The first thing that comes to mind: trains. I still have sentimental ideas about taking a train trip across the US. I know I'm romanticizing Amtrak. Amtrak, of all things. I know about the possible difficulties of long distance train travel, especially in this country, where it's not a popular way to get around. But I really like traveling by train (even in subways sometimes, when the cars aren't crowded). For more than several hours? I don't know. I haven't done it yet.

What makes for a good friend? Someone who can respect you and accept your essential self. Who can challenge you without belittling you. You can grow, and they will not insist that you need to stay the same or make yourself smaller to suit them. They will not demand that you stick to an outdated version of yourself or a version of you they've built up rigidly in their minds.

She presses a lemon to her ear, pauses, puts it down. Picks another one to listen to and decides to keep it. Then she moves on to the peaches. She rolls them against her cheek, one by one, until she finds the peach with the most pleasing caress.

Imperfections enhance beauty.


Brian Joseph said...

Great thoughts on this set of words as always Hila.

It has been awhile for me, but Amtrak can be a very pleasant way to travel, much different from a NYC subway. Though subways do indeed have their own particular charms.

I am not squeamish about that sort of thing and I know what the restaurant business is like,but the image of a cockroach in an ice cream parlor is troubling :)

HKatz said...

Thanks - I've been on Amtrak, but not for more than six hours or so at a time. I wonder what a longer trip would be like, especially an overnight trip. Reviews I've read are mixed.

"but the image of a cockroach in an ice cream parlor is troubling"

Yes, if that one's visible, imagine the very many that aren't :)

bibliophilica said...

After careful deliberation of several worthy candidates, I've decided my winner for this week will be... audacious. (I think the superhero moniker was the deciding factor) :-)

The Bookworm said...

Wonderful list of words as always. I do love "fostering", it's true about real friends not sticking to an outdated version of yourself. People are meant to change and grow with time.
And yes to "variations".
Happy weekend!

HKatz said...

@ Jay - yes, that roach had guts :)

@ Naida - "People are meant to change and grow with time." Totally agree. I wish more people could recognize this.