Friday, June 26, 2015

Week in Seven Words #256

I'm sorry for the nearly month-long absence on this blog. The reason was a combination of lots of work and a needed blog break.

She peers into the audience, her face nervous and expectant, knowing her family will be there but needing to see them.

"I stink at this," is what one child says every time she doesn't get something right the first time. Who is she echoing?

She sits on the floor in her power suit, at ease when kids tumble around her legs.

They're the same type of people - same background, same lifestyle - so it doesn't matter what they say to each other; they're happy with the knowledge that they're the same and that their conversation will be safe.

Out of pity I buy a small stuffed animal with lumpy ears. A dog, I think. An aspiring dog.

The clean scent of linens in a drawer.

While the others are match sparks and unsteady flames, she's a lamp, steady and gentle in the dark.