Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week in Seven Words #255

He'll ask you a question he thinks you can't answer. As you pause to think, he'll line up the first words of his lecture. Don't disappoint him by knowing the answer.

Her voice comes at me in puffs and crackles from hundreds of miles away.

Not for a minute do I buy into his kindly Kris Kringle routine. There's a knife's edge to his smile, the glint of a blade.

They leave their office doors open so they can banter across the hallway.

As the elevator takes us down, she crouches in a corner, her arms wrapped around her knees, and watches the numbers with solemn attention.

It's a dystopian scene, the gray crowds removing shoes and belts before filing through the metal detectors.

As they give him advice, he turns his cellphone over and over on the table, his leg shuddering up and down. From time to time, he starts to say something - to defend himself or make himself look more experienced than he is - but they talk over him, and he subsides into a disgruntled silence.


Brian Joseph said...

That is a very interesting comment under the word "anticipatory".

I can see it being the premise for a story. It seems like a great setup for the creation of two characters.

HKatz said...

Thanks, Brian - and yes, I can see this guy as a main character in an intense, dialogue-heavy story.

Lucy said...

'Anticipatory' and 'testy' seem both to say something about the fragile sense of self of the young. I remember a sort of questionnaire question about 'if a child is telling you a joke or a riddle and you know the answer, do you say it or give them the fun of telling you?'.

Always enjoy your seven words. (I just mistyped 'seven worlds', which is rather good...)

Relyn Lawson said...

I am feeling sad for the testy man. I think children often feel like that too.

HKatz said...

@ Lucy - thanks, and I like your observations. 'Anticipatory' refers to someone who is elderly and retired… and 'testy' is a young man.

@ Relyn - yes, though this one is an adult (albeit young).

The Bookworm said...

You have captured testy and the disgruntled teen perfectly. Interesting about anticipatory.