Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week in Seven Words #248

The wind, fierce and fretful, throws a tantrum among the trees.

The trail overlooks people's backyards. What do they think about the strange hikers who can peer into their windows at any time of day?

There is sweat on her upper lip, and her smile is blinding. She would prefer if you look at her smile and not at her eyes.

Leaves and loose rock underfoot. Gold spreading gloriously overhead.

All that's left of a home: two stone walls, roof tiles littering the ground, a chimney decaying like a tooth.

The river throws the sunlight off its back and into our eyes.

Learning the contours of a river from a train, a forest ridge, and two bridges.


Brian Joseph said...

"Osseous" is a new word for me. I do like to discover new words.

I have not heard the word conniption used in a long time. I always kind of liked it. I will try to use it more myself :)

HKatz said...

"I do like to discover new words."

So do I :)

Conniption sounds old-fashioned to me… and it's a very snippy word :) Cuter than a tantrum though...