Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week in Seven Words #245

Sometimes I'll walk somewhere without any particular purpose, and I'll find something I didn't know I needed. In this case, it's a book, and its contents are so relevant to me I spend most of the day carrying it around and peeking into it when I get the chance.

In a moment of childish temper, a middle-aged woman strikes another older woman on the back. People gasp. She pretends not to notice their dismay, but hurries out soon after, her face tight with the knowledge that no one will ever see her the same way again.

Light-headed elation as sunset draws the day down.

Bundled up on the sofa while the clock ticks and traffic murmurs.

They're back - the spindly, perfumed twins who dress like they've stepped out of a steampunk novel. The backs of their hands betray their age, but in other ways they're young; they share a seat and adjust each other's hair.

Feet clad in cold damp tights. A chill seeps through the door.

Cold rain snaking into the sleeves of my poncho.