Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week in Seven Words #241

The photo of a canyon, blown up and stretched wide, looks like a marvelous chasm in her wall.

When people substitute an ideology for self-knowledge, they talk and act as if parts of them have been carved out.

Dresses draped all over the closet like colorful skins she has shed.

Does writing in a journal help? I think it can, as long as you're honest with yourself. I know that over the years, growing up and even a little into adulthood, I forced cheer and optimism into some of what I wrote - writing things as I wished they were or as I thought people would want them to be were they ever to discover the journal. Sometimes I just wrote, uninhibited, but it didn't come easily. It's important to write freely, especially when writing to myself. Though looking back at past entries I've also learned some key things about my younger self from what I omitted or how I spun a certain event.

As his grandmother raises questions about the bill, he leans towards the waiter and whispers, "Can I have chocolate milk?"

Their house is littered with power tools, the cabinets gaping and furniture stacked in the front room. They look forward to the day when order will emerge from the obstacle course.

His speech is a series of smooth white pebbles that sink slowly to the bottom of a pond.