Friday, January 9, 2015

Week in Seven Words #240

A sculpture park pockmarked with construction - few differences between the art displayed and the machinery making room for new installations.

Her long-legged stride represents how she's made her way through life.

Clouds roll in over the river. On the rocks, a sea gull, a soda can, and a bundle of clothes that may have someone in them.

The conversation fans out to West Africa, Korean soap opera stars, karaoke, and the way people lock their thoughts into binaries during arguments - two solutions to every problem, two possible opinions in complete opposition.

Pigeons hold court in the shadows of the bridge.

He barrels out of the convenience store with a shopping cart full of cupcakes and beer. No partying in half-measures.

Walking a long distance outdoors, especially on uneven ground, gets at muscles that remain dormant during a gym routine.