Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week in Seven Words #235

Paintings, mirrors, glassy music, kids bobbing on waves of color and noise.

A winsome, curly-haired lawyer picking her away through old warehouses and artist lofts.

People talking about what they love or what they're interested in, without competitiveness or preening.

Wasps swooping over a green plot where Lincoln sits and listens.

Skyscrapers that look like they were made entirely of platinum group metals: ruthenium windows, iridium roofs.

Yellow brick, bright as fruit, a backdrop for trees.

In a neighborhood saturated with history, I wonder who once stood beside the lampposts or looked out the windows with the white shutters.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like sunny, nice to imagine sun on such a dull day as we have today!

I also particularly like traces, i love finding the traces of history left in the buildings in Edinburgh where I live, so many stories hidden away

HKatz said...

Yes, talking about dull days, it's been windy, cold and rainy here all day :)

Edinburgh - I'd definitely love to revisit it. I was there once, for most of one day, nearly 10 years ago. Just scratching the surface...