Friday, November 28, 2014

Week in Seven Words #234

A chair floating legs-up in a lake, like a creature from Seuss.

A building grinning through broken teeth.

A well-to-do woman from San Francisco sits beside me on the bench. She asks several questions about New York - recommendations for museums, etc. - and after each suggestion, she points out that in San Francisco there's something better. "You have fine museums," she says, as if she fears I'm deeply offended. "But…" And here she tells me another thing that's wrong with New York, in tones of gentle regret. I hope she doesn't guess how amused I am by our conversation.

The lake has a marble quality to it, light and glass as you look to the floor of the shallows and find pink rocks and twisted scrap metal.

I'm becoming better aware of what resources I can spare for others and what I should better protect. Another line of defense against those who alight on other people's emotions in a vampiric way.

To make train fare, he tries selling artwork, some of it not his own. Out of a book he's torn a detailed sketch of a pansy drawn in three colors. One dollar for it.

A morning of quiet sidewalks and still trees. The air doesn't move, and the sun pounds on my head.


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

Great words to describe you feelings and thoughts, once again.

I was particularly struck by 'guardedness' and 'civilized', but the former struck deep chords with how I feeling about my life right now. Everyone has their own issues and problems, but I am not sure just how much more I can listen to them, before they overwhelm me. Does no-one realise that I have problems of my own going on, which they clearly don't want to hear about. Perhaps their voices just shout louder!!


HKatz said...

Thanks, Yvonne.

"Does no-one realise that I have problems of my own going on, which they clearly don't want to hear about."

Some people don't realize or don't care. It's important to work on putting up more boundaries (as I've been learning - it can be a slow process).