Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week in Seven Words #197

For the first couple of minutes we're on Skype, we just smile at each other. There's really nothing to say that can't be better said with a smile.

I read a book that rips open old scars.

Already the F-sharp has a sour buzz. It will never be fully in tune, but will instead hover over the landscape of the Moonlight Sonata like a mosquito.

I spend too much time worrying that something will go wrong. It's exhausting.

Bags of dark chocolate in a green barrel. A faint chocolatey smell tickling my nose as I stand in line.

They look smaller. Time has rubbed away at them.

The inside of the piano is magnificent: faded gold, stained wood, an eagle bearing a flag in the dark. Strings, knobs, and hammers, a soundboard that's cracked. It's a piano with character, stubbornly and majestically out-of-tune.


Lucy said...

I keep thinking I ought to get round to Skype, since much of what I hate about the phone is that you can't just smile on it for a couple of minutes.

The piano sounds a marvellous thing, a world in itself, albeit an imperfect one!

HKatz said...

It's fairly easy to set up Skype, and it's worth it.

And yes, the piano is marvelous and one of a kind :)

Nan said...

I particularly like clawed and disquietude. There are so many words about the latter situation. It just seems impossible not to worry and fear. 'borrowing trouble' is one I like.

HKatz said...

It just seems impossible not to worry and fear.

Tell me about it… it's about finding the happy medium; having a reasonable amount of concern without letting it eat you up.