Thursday, December 19, 2013

How many lives would action heroes need to survive the movies they star in?


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

What a fabulous post and featuring such a unique site and concept.

I have to say that this style of beat 'em up, shoot it out action movie, is what hubbie and I generally tend to watch.

Whilst deep down you know that the hero has probably died several deaths in front of you, before finally winning the day, it is addictive viewing, which doesn't command a great deal of thought and is basically pure escapism.

Thanks for the feature and I trust that you will have a good Christmas and a very prosperous and happy New Year.


HKatz said...

I hope you have a happy holiday and New Year too.

For sure these kinds of movies are a form of escapism, and sometimes funny to watch. A few months ago I watched Home Alone 2 with someone who amused himself counting the number of times the criminals would have died or been hospitalized with severe injuries (you know, like after getting bricks repeatedly chucked at their heads from three stories up). This clip reminded me of that.

Naida said...

lol too funny. Hubby and I have discussed this before as well as he's the type to whine over a paper cut. These action films crack me up with the gratuitous violence and tough guys surviving just about anything. Don't get me started on Steven Siegal films.

HKatz said...

Have not watched a Steven Siegal film and have no desire to do so :)