Friday, October 18, 2013

Week in Seven Words #186

A lack of productivity is suffocating.

The cashiers summon customers by waving red flags.

A number of people think that 'natural' automatically means 'desirable' or 'immutable.'

Branches snap and fall, no longer able to bear their own weight.

An inability to handle uncertainty lies at the heart of so much misery and evil.

Can people change in their essentials? It's hard enough to get rid of a single bad habit. What about five or ten of them? What about the dark, habitual thoughts that choke the life out of the mind?

In the library, two old men fight over a hat. The owner of the hat allegedly took a newspaper away from the other guy, who retaliated by snatching the hat away and refusing to return it. They argue loudly, the hat-owner shrill and indignant, the hat-snatcher muttering filthy insults.


bibliophilica said...

Deadwood is my favorite, and I can't help but ask if "regressed" is based on a true story...?

Naida said...

Impositions is so true. As for rack, I really don't think people can change those habitual thoughts you mention. Some things are so deeply ingrained, they are immovable.
Great week in words as always!
Happy weekend :)

Relyn Lawson said...

Regressed makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. I think of Jeffrey's grandma in her 90s and the way she would fight with her 5 year old great-grandson as they played checkers. Old age isn't kind to us, is it?

HKatz said...

@ Jay - yep, 'regressed' did happen and it was sort of funny at first but then painful to watch

@ Naida - "Some things are so deeply ingrained, they are immovable." Oh, I hope not. Maybe with enough conscious mental effort... :) Seriously though, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

@ Relyn - "Old age isn't kind to us, is it?" No, it really isn't, though some people have it easier with a better quality of life than others.

Thanks for commenting!