Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week in Seven Words #181

"Did You Ever" is a game that gives me more insight into him. It seems he's been spending his time in a more innocent and straight-laced fashion than I imagined.

Antsy and slightly light-headed with thoughts of food.

Legs falling asleep as I labor over a difficult text.

A pasta dish that isn't meant to be. First I absent-mindedly leave the pasta cooking in the pot for too long, until it turns rubbery. Then I figure, why not have rubbery pasta anyway? So I dump some cheese on it, only to realize that the cheese is looking unusually blue, in spite of not being blue cheese and not overshooting its expiration date.

The raspberry vinaigrette is too sweet and syrupy for my salad. It's almost as if it would go better with waffles.

She's right on the other side of the wall and has no idea they're discussing her with such frustration and disparagement.

When you ask them what they did today, they enjoy saying "nothing," maybe because it gives them a little power over you. A mystery they can preserve or reveal at will.