Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Seven Words #180

Up on the hill, she sits on a rock, stares at the ground, and silently battles her demons.

Night is the best time to slip out. The air is breathable, the sidewalks are mostly empty, and the world is softer and more muted.

I miss out on a chance to reconnect with her, because a phone call seems like too much effort at the time.

He will fail in part because his parents don't care enough about his success.

All of the stuffed animals are wide-eyed. Some look gullible; others look stoned. A few have clearly peered into the heart of the universe and discovered the mysteries therein.

Romeo and Juliet embrace in the twilight.

They toss the baseball in an arc back and forth; it hits their mitts with a clop. Clop, arc, clop... like a metronome, keeping time at sunset.


Naida said...

I can relate to leaden and I like the imagery you've created with exhalation.

Lucy said...

'Pupils' is funny!

Nan said...

Maybe in 'leaden' a text would have worked? 'Priority' makes me sad. Maybe the parents are trying to love who he is rather than what he does?

HKatz said...

Hmmm, she doesn't really text; but then again, I didn't try. As for priority, it's not so much a matter of what his parents love (what you shared is a beautiful thought!), it's more that they don't really care about his struggles in some areas, and it will probably hurt him as he grows older. It's already making school very difficult for him.

Relyn Lawson said...

tick-tock has me mesmerized.