Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in Seven Words #179

He cuts a path for himself through the crowd by alarming people, shoving his face into their faces and talking loudly to himself, as if they aren't real outside of his mind.

So much of conversation is aimed at establishing and defending one's status, saying what we think is important to other people and what will help us play the role we've assumed in our social circle. In the meantime, other thoughts fight to get out and are smothered in self-censorship.

The dark river wears glitter on its face.

So much of what happens between these bookshelves is an exercise in getting by with a bare minimum of effort and time.

Although I don't know it at the time, he's testing me. His reserved and polite demeanor masks his watchfulness; he notes my mannerisms, gets a rough idea of my temperament. I don't think he's doing this consciously. But he'll use his discoveries to his own advantage next time we meet.

Fireworks in the shape of dumbbells, weeping willows, and badminton birdies.

He talks about how we need to put the broken pieces of ourselves back together.


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

I love your take on word 'foothold', it sums up the way in which most of us behave, whether consciously, or not.

I particularly agree with the self-censorship message. How many times have I wanted to say exactly what I thought, only to stop myself and consciously only say what I think I am expected to. Most of the time I only stop myself because of what others might think of me if I voice my true thoughts and feelings, but isn't that waht free speech and true friendships are supposed to be about ... being open and honest, without fear of reprisal?

Interesting post,


HKatz said...

"being open and honest, without fear of reprisal?"

I wish I could find more people that I could be more open with. Most people seem to want you to fit into whatever narrow and convenient set of definitions they've labeled you with.

Relyn Lawson said...

Gypsy is my favorite this week. Such a word picture - I can see it and my mind swirls and eddies along with those dark waters.