Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week in Seven Words #172

Beneath a tree that's touching the ground with its upper branches, they read the Ten Commandments. People listen quietly and eat ice cream.

He thinks that if he stops telling jokes, he'll be boring. People will wonder why they're talking to him. So he doesn't relax. It's a fine day outside, and he's got a kindly, patient audience, but he can't stop forcing the jokes.

Without prompting, he belts out a funny song and acts out all the voices. Silliness can be beautiful.

A large dog in a wine shop, moseying among the shelves.

Because we all talk when watching TV, it still winds up being quality time with them. In reaction to what's on the screen, they reveal things about what they think and feel, and they ask questions.

A bench beneath a tree by a fountain. The shadows in the afternoon move slowly.

I look around, and I can't truthfully say I'm eager to meet any of them.