Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week in Seven Words #168

I keep hearing that we're living in an evil age, more evil than ever. I'm not convinced. People have always been capable of atrocities and day-to-day cruelty. Now, however, we have the Internet, which can tell us about every crime in every town the world over, giving us the illusion that evil has suddenly exploded everywhere.

"Emile! Zola!" he cries, but his dogs have already broken free to chase a squirrel across the grass.

While taking photos of flowering trees in the garden, I hear, beyond the shrubs, two people breaking up, their voices low and pained.

Cherry blossoms frosting the rim of the reservoir.

When does news reporting cross the line into voyeurism?

The argument over whether salt was expensive or not in the Middle Ages threatens to disrupt the harmony of the meal.

Some of the magnolia blossoms stretch towards the darkening sky. Others are captured in lamplight.


Naida said...

I agree very much with bombarded. I think news reporting quickly crosses the line and many people don't realize that as they watch.
Great week in words like always!

HKatz said...

Thanks, Naida. I needed to pull back after the Boston bombings, because I started following it with an interest that was verging on obsessive. I realized I didn't need to see every photo, hear every bit of breaking news, etc.