Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Seven Words #163

Getting speckled with snow as I take a long walk.

As everyone is celebrating, I taste the undercurrents in the room. Along with genuine warmth, there's a strong flavor of condescension and cynicism. People are smirking instead of smiling.

People in shambles in a green-carpeted parlor.

The conversation goes much better than I expected it would. More listening, calmness, and humor than I would have imagined possible. Acceptance is still a long way off, and maybe it will never come. Regardless, I have to do as I see fit.

My opinion of him (which isn't definitive, not least because I'm acting as an armchair psychologist), is that he's deeply self-absorbed. Occasionally he turns away from his work or personal interests and notices someone else. He might even be moved to do a kindness for them. Then he'll forget about them and become irritated and puzzled when they contact him.

Jolted out of a quiet Friday afternoon by some really good news.

We stand outside talking in the damp. Occasionally the front door opens, disclosing golden light and a roar of voices.