Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wowed by Imelda May

Her official site is here.


naida said...

I have never heard of her. She's got a great voice and a cool look. Funny, I think shes wearing an Elvis tshirt in that second video, she reminds me of him for some reason. That's a lovely song too.
Thanks for sharing HKatz! I love good music.

patteran said...

It's fascinating how Imelda May is branching out from the rockabilly roots. I love the ballad with its shots of Kentish Town, with Camden Town the heartland of the London Irish.

HKatz said...

@ Naida - I'm glad you like her music and style; I was so happy to find out about her.

@ Dick - Her ballad really is beautiful and the video is well-made.