Friday, August 10, 2012

Week in Seven Words #131

As welcoming gifts they present me with a chocolate-frosted cupcake, a card with a blue cave troll on it, and a paper bracelet with a pink shiny heart.

At the moment there's only anger, a razor sharp focus that admits no sense or compassion.

"Never enough" are the words I use to bludgeon all my efforts.

The dog, when she isn't curled up on my lap, makes for a good armrest.

When I sense that I'm being pressured to conform I resist on instinct, even before I'm able to articulate why.

Music blooms out of the dusty speakers.

Four branches bearing different leaves (star shaped yellow, oval green) meet across a light blue sky.


naida said...

I can relate to 'renitency' and 'well-met' is so nice. Love that image.

Elizabeth Carrington said...

In your seven words, is always a life time, a life line. I always care about your words, and feel some kind of responsibility to return and see them, to see what they have offered up, You the spinner of them, always amaze me with what you so with just seven. x

Nan said...

Lots of emotions in these words. Always intriguing for me wondering about the stories behind them. :<) Excellent, excellent. I am in awe.

HKatz said...

Thanks so much Naida, Elizabeth and Nan :) Your comments brightened my day.