Friday, July 27, 2012

Week in Seven Words #129

There was a crowd of geese here the week before along with pigeons and turtles all fighting over chunks of bread tossed by a wiry old lady who loves to see her animals fed. Now the rocky ledge that slopes down to the lake has only a few pigeons standing on it, at rest among their droppings.

Oddments found at the back of a nightstand, behind the drawers: a baby photo and a budget written up in Hebrew.

During the third movement of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto they get up and dance on the baseball diamond.

Twilight picnics among evergreen trees.

High up from the ground, three raccoons poke their heads out of a hole in a tree like cuckoo clock figurines.

Competing at archery without a bow and arrow, and bowling without a ball.

I've been through this place a number of times but I keep finding new paths. This one overlooks a stream bed where a thread of dark water unspools over tumbling rocks.


Crafty Green Poet said...

pepping is so cute and i like wending very much too, I love finding new paths in familiar places

naida said...

Great week in words as always. I like wending, the idea of discovering something new.

HKatz said...

Thanks, you two :) I love walking and exploring. And the raccoons were a great find; wish I'd had my camera with me - I tried snapping a photo with my cellphone but it didn't come out well.

Relyn said...

Cavort is my favorite. I can just see it.

I love raccoons, too. We had "pet" racoons when we lived by the river. They would come knock on our windows and we would give them a handful of cat food. I loved those silly, sweet faces.