Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brassy voices and mass tap-dancing

If I need a five minute break from work, one thing I'll do is watch one of the many Youtube clips showing musical numbers from older movies or shows. But sometimes I also watch more recent performances.

This is a 2011 Tony Award show clip highlighting the final song-and-tapdance number in Anything Goes (Sutton Foster, the lead singer in the show, did win a Tony that evening.)

Anyway, I loved the group tapdance, and the note Foster belts out at the end.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Always good to see some tap dancing! I had tap lessons when I was young and enjoyed it much more than ballet

Relyn said...

I love that this is what you do for your brain breaks. I find them so energizing and fun. I LOVE showtunes! This one was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.

naida said...

Fun! I like showtunes too.

HKatz said...

Glad you all enjoyed it; tap-dancing is joyful.