Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Seven Words #115

[Note: I finished writing this 'week in seven words' last night and was prepared to post it earlier today. I then got the news that my grandpa passed away. After this post I plan to take a week off or so from the blog.]

During the main meal of the second Seder, we decide to take a break after the soup and salad. A break from eating. All holiday we've been eating. So we stop for a game of Scrabble, keeping score in our heads.

A moment of weightlessness before my left knee hits the concrete.

Making more matzah balls - the mixture is messy and delicious.

From 66th street I walk down Broadway to the southern tip of Manhattan. Along the way I get the different flavors of a single street. Midtown's large commercial buildings with glossy windows. The frenetic ads and crowds in Times Square. Further south, Macy's, construction, small businesses topped by apartments, a few parks and squares floating in a cloud of pink blossoms. NYU's campus, more stores (some closed and papered over), the horizontal streets no longer numbered. Old Manhattan - churches and graveyards, Wall Street, then Bowling Green and Battery Park. Beyond that the harbor, gray and windy.

still life
The tulips and lisianthus glow in the lamplight.

One evening I'm introduced to a Batman Lego video game. I don't get it. Why not just have a regular Batman? This Batman looks like a Lego figurine, and you can press on buttons to have him build stuff for you on the screen. But it's not as if you're the one building anything. I guess I don't understand the point of a Lego product that doesn't involve the manual manipulation of pieces.

At Bowling Green the wind combs through the red tulips and flattens them alongside the fountain.