Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week in Seven Words #113

A movie night with a paranoid Humphrey Bogart, a motor-mouthed Walter Huston, and a gaggle of bandits and burros.

The first stages of packing: DVDs and CDs in shoeboxes and books in Yaffa blocks.

I sometimes become the sort of person who isn't at peace unless she has something to worry about.

We sit down to a meal of hamburgers and coleslaw. Our conversation unfolds mostly in variations of "mmmm, this is the best hamburger ever!"

The black plastic bag dances in the wind like an imp, taunting the customers at the café.

A cold wind blasts into the city, agitating litter and telephone poles.

The afternoon takes a turn for the absurd with a hunt for a new toilet seat.


Relyn said...

Unhinged has me laughing...

and I hope your packing is going well and your move is a good one.

naida said...

Great words like always. I can relate to paradoxical.

HKatz said...

@ Relyn - thanks! I'm thinking with 'unhinged' I can write a ballad about a quest for a toilet seat.

@ Naida - The brain is great at manufacturing worries... thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed the words.

John Hayes said...

What a lovely collection! High Sierra is a great film indeed, & I love how possessed & ruffled "speak to each other." Good luck with the move!

HKatz said...

Thanks! And I'm glad you enjoyed these words. The movie though was Treasure of the Sierra Madre. High Sierra is on my list as well.

John Hayes said...

Of course! Silly me!