Monday, February 6, 2012

Week in Seven Words #104

During a bingo game at an assisted living center for seniors I'm reminded of junior high. Several participants are warm and easy going, but some huddle together and make pointed comments about people at other tables. They play where they've just eaten lunch, in what looks like a school cafeteria. And they compete for prizes of chocolate and deodorant.

At the bus stop there's snow and biting wind, a long view of the street and no bus in sight.

An Angus Deluxe at McDonald's with its side of fries and accompanying soft drink is a luxury meal to her.

We take turns coloring the snake in, stripe by stripe, before she douses it in liquid glitter to give it a golden sheen.

A heavy smell of rot in the subway station - dank coats, garbage on the lines, deposits of black grit on the pipes overhead.

I'm glad I'm reading this, to laugh, think and be encouraged.

At the group interview the candidates glance around awkwardly, both commiserating and competing with each other.