Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week in Seven Words #102

I'm pointed to Clockwords: Prelude, a game where the object is to quickly type words with certain designated letters, so that the letters can be shot at mechanical spiders who are out to steal secrets from your laboratory. As in Scrabble, the letters have different values, and can be further imbued with special powers, like the ability to explode and take out more spiders, who make a pulpy sound when hit. The game is amusing, and carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing. Mentally challenging, but a little depressing too (will I waste my words on spiders? Wear out my fingers and wrists for this?).

Stumping around outside on a cold soggy dreich day where the trees look like stale gray vegetables found in the bottom of a fridge drawer.

Feels like rock and gravel are getting scraped away from my throat so that my voice will eventually find its way out.

A small lump of warm bread pudding with cinnamon and raisins, dissolving around my fork.

As a toddler he hears it all the time - no, don't dismantle the phone; no, don't put your sneakers on the cushions; no, don't wander off with strangers. No.

One of the first books I'm reading this year is a collection of dystopian short fiction.

I love how we take the stories apart, studying and discussing them. What's best is when we raise questions the author hadn't consciously asked but wove in while getting to know the characters and living through their struggles.


naida said...

Clockwords: Prelude sounds like fun!
You are making me crave bread pudding :)
enjoy Brave New Worlds.

Lucy said...

Dreich is just wonderful. I came up with the word the other day too, on a grey foggy day after frost, and so many of the plants and flowers which had been recklessly carrying on through the mild winter looked just as you describe!

John Hayes said...

"Dreich" is a great word; I wasn't familiar with it before this post. I am (mostly) happy to say I passed up the Clockworks link!

HKatz said...

@ naida: I crave bread pudding too. Too bad the store's out of it now!

@ Lucy: dreich is a wonderful word, yes. I first heard it when I visited Scotland in 2005.

@ John: you didn't miss much by skipping over Clockwords. It's ok, but wears on you.

Thanks all for commenting!

Relyn said...

You make me long to be a in college again.