Friday, December 30, 2011

Week in Seven Words #99

Near the athletic complex I walk through a network of trails and elevated walkways without being sure where I'll wind up: on the main street or on a lonely embankment by the river. 

Two people in stark contrast: one of them doesn't say outright that he cares but shows it, while the other one proclaims in a smooth, affected voice that he cares (really really cares) but gives little evidence of it in his actions. 

The last of my old office is cleaned out. I close the door behind me and look back only once.

I carry a notebook with me because I never know when I might see my way through a dead end in the plot. 

Lunch at the park on a stone ledge with the sunlight sinking in between the trees; I can't think of a December where I was able to eat comfortably outdoors. 

I watch a movie to relax a little and celebrate, and as it turns out some of the themes are fitting for the day: people strive, accomplish, and move on. They don't rest on their laurels. 

Two candles on the menorah tip towards each other and share a flame.


naida said...

Great week in words. That second guy in diametric sounds like a jerk :P
With 'finality' you create a clear image with such few words.

John Hayes said...

Not what one says, but what one does--re:diametric. My best wishes to you for 2012.

HKatz said...

Thanks to you both.

Naida, the second guy in diametric can be kind of a jerk. He has a charming personality and can be good company, but you can't really be close to him. As for finality; that moment was just stamped into memory for me.

John - yep, actions speaking louder than words. Thanks for the well wishes; I hope you have a great year too.

Relyn said...

I loved mapping. I often think of my ever-present journal the same way, though I am not writing a novel.