Friday, December 9, 2011

Week in Seven Words #96

Thanks to my Scrabble partner I find out that this is a kind of rough basaltic lava. It's also a great way to get rid of superfluous vowels and fit words into tight corners of the board.

It's a small cozy café with pizza, lasagna, salads and soups, and only a handful of tables. What makes the place itself special is one of the people who works there. He flirts and jokes, and in the middle of our meal walks up to us and shares a tale about a carpenter who reunites a pair of estranged brothers by building a bridge over the river that separates their properties.

I'm heading down the street on wobbly legs. Clearly I need to lie down. But first, a stop at the library.

Recently this stretch of sidewalk had a leafy golden roof, grand and bright like a corridor in an Oriental palace. Now it looks gutted, the leaves gone and the branches like brittle kindling.

As I approach the river the wind rakes through me, and even the buildings shiver.

I bring Fantasia with me and watch them laugh at the dancing hippos and the fairies spreading rime and dewdrops on pliant leaves.

With every phone call I feel a spike of tension. I don't know what the news will be on the other end. I can only pray for the best.


Dave King said...

Very impressive. Like the form and I like the content. Great pairing.

naida said...

I like 'flavor', as I do enjoy those cozy type cafes.
I like 'priorities' too, how nice it is to stop at the library.
Enjoy your Sunday :)

John Hayes said...

Ah, yes, the lovely two letter words of Scrabble--loved by all Scrabble players : ) I hope the trepidation has eased!

HKatz said...

Thanks all for stopping by and commenting.

I do enjoy those cozy type cafes
Yes, and it's great when the people who work there are as friendly as the guy I mentioned above.

I hope the trepidation has eased!
Somewhat, though not completely. There are still worries. Thanks for the well-wishes though.

Like the form and I like the content
Thanks - it's very fun to write in this form.

Lucy said...

I didn't know aa, I remember ai as a kind of three-toed sloth!

I too hope that the trepidation is not too wearing.

Relyn said...

You and I have a lot of the same priorities.