Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week in Seven Words #94

With new determination I open up a Microsoft Word document that's been untouched for months, and I begin again.

At the concert we sit closest to the violists and bass players. This way we're more aware of all the layers in the music, its rich harmonies, and the one moment where the lead bass player strikes a note out of tune. We're happy to hear all of it.

They sit around a table in the cafeteria pouring liquids of different densities into tall plastic containers - corn syrup, dish washing soap, vegetable oil, water, alcohol - and mostly they don't care about the bigger picture, only that it's fun to look at the liquid layers and see if their friends have made a mess. But from time to time they'll connect what they're doing to chemistry and to the properties of the world, before returning to the really important questions: will something spill? Or blow up?

On two different subway trips, a musical duo sing in Spanish and strum on guitars as they stroll from car to car.

The mild cold I come down with helps me mellow out a little.

One school I visit reminds of a nest with birds huddled close beside a clutch of eggs. Another school reminds me of an airport terminal where litter blows across the clean bare floors.

At bedtime their parents slip out of the room for a short while to unwind, and I read them a story, then another one: The Berenstain Bears in their treehouse with the pink-trimmed windows poking out of the upper leaves. Brother and Sister Bear learn that if they watch too much TV or fight all day, they'll miss out on life.


John Hayes said...

A great series as always--you were close to hear the sour bass note--often a bad note on the bass makes it sound like a melody note is wrong!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Hello- It was so nice to hear from you in my blog's comment section. Happy Holidays. Marjorie

Lucy said...

Some great ones here, very inspiring and gives me quite a lift this morning. I love 'density' about the important things being whether something will spill or blow up - perhaps those are the important things to worry about in life in general!

I've got one or two things that could perhaps do with the 'anew' approach...

naida said...

Great week in words like always.
I used to read my kids The Berenstain Bears books. They are so cute.