Thursday, November 24, 2011

A smurf, a goose head and gratitude



It's funny how I thought I'd be able to walk through Times Square this morning. I caught the tail-end of the Thanksgiving Parade. I'm not a fan of standing around watching parades, so the short time I was there was good enough for me. I'm glad I didn't remember about the parade's location in advance either, because the floats were a pleasant surprise. Giant smurfs make me smile. The dangling head of what looks like Mother Goose both creeped me out a little and made me smile, not that I have anything against Mother Goose.

To get to the 1-line subway platform at the Times Square stop, I wound up making a detour around the crowds and into the Port Authority station, which felt like a rabbit warren. Good thing the signs were clear so I could know where I was going.

Here's a nice video from a Jewish site. The topic is blessings as a form of gratitude; as long as we're alive we can express gratitude. Whether or not you're Jewish or religious the video gives a sense of perspective on life's problems and a reminder of things to be grateful for, so I thought I'd share it on Thanksgiving.


Lucy said...

Happy thanksgiving.

Relyn said...

The meal has been eaten.
The kitchen is clean.
The leftovers are stashed.
The walk has been taken.
Everyone is happy and fed and blessed.
Now I have the time to stop by.
On this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you; for this blog; for our friendship. Sending you much love, Relyn

The Crow said...

This video is beautiful. When my family and I are together for Thanksgiving this weekend, I will play this for them. Thank you.

naida said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I've never been to see the parade in person, but we do watch it on tv. I like the Smurfs too :)
The goose head is

As soon as I started watching the video, I knew it was going to make me tear up.

Elisheva said...

We can never have too many reminders to be grateful.
Thank you x

John Hayes said...

Gratitude is the most nourishing to the spirit, there's no doubt. Wonderful photos--hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

HKatz said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving these wonderful comments.

Kass said...

I love that video. I have so much to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder.