Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week in Seven Words #89

They're sitting in the kitchen making long colorful paper chains to loop around the walls of their sukkah. The decorative chains spill over the kitchen table and pool and heap on the floor.

Hit by an illness first thing in the morning, I find that the world is shaky when I'm out of bed. I stay under the covers, reading by the light that slides in through the blinds.

I learn again that it's best not to put off doing something good and worthwhile with the complacent thought that there will be another opportunity for it soon.

As I'm reading them picture books about a spiffy giant and a Gruffalo and a snail that travels the world on a whale's tail, she asks me why the pictures show some things but not others; for instance, if the story tells you that a fox ran off and hid, the picture only shows you the hiding part but not the running part. After I tell her that everything can't be shown, and that the people who write and illustrate the books have to pick and choose, her older brother starts to talk about how in movies you can't see what's going on with all of the characters either; when one character's story is on screen, other characters are off-screen, with things happening to them that we can't even see but maybe will only hear about later.

On my walk home, bright globes of light burn on either side of the path. It's nighttime and a fresh new day has begun.

The tables and chairs are beaded with rain water.

Scrabble Junior can be as challenging as regular Scrabble, simply because Scrabble Junior lulls you into a false sense of security.


naida said...

It sounds like you are reading to some very smart children in illustrative.

And so ture about furtherance.


naida said...


John Hayes said...

This is a wonderful group of words! I can't single any out as favorites because I like them all, & they also work well together. I will say that "illustrative" is especially thought-provoking.

Elisheva said...

Briliant I love it!!!! What wondeful questions children ask. I imagine one of yours must be about the same age as mine. "Who was the first person born"? I got this week: )
Always brings a smile and a moment of profundity to visit here. x E

Lucy said...

The words themselves are particularly satisfying and recondite this week, like 'decumbent' and 'lucent'.

'Unawares' made me smile.

Relyn said...

Your Scrabble lesson makes me smile. My husband and father are rabbid Scrabble competitors. They are brutally competitive and have running totals of wins and games going back several years. When my daughter wanted to learn to play it was precious to watch them open their arms and welcome her in.