Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week in Seven Words #88

It's fitting that they find out this week, at the start of the new year. It isn't when I'd planned on telling them, but it doesn't matter. Maybe I'll be less reticent this year.

Every day I dump books into the steely mouth of the return bin, where they rumble away into silence.

The light of day's end on a pale brick wall.

What I eat this week, among other things: pomegranate seeds and a few small pieces from the head of a trout.

Two good places for a conversation: the front steps of my apartment building at night, and a sunny paved courtyard rimmed with trees and stone ledges.

On Yom Kippur, during a quiet section of the afternoon prayers, a marching band sweeps past our windows; the trumpets, drums, flutes and trombones break into the solemn hush.

Three qualities I wish for in plenitude: persistence, discipline, and courage.


Elisheva said...

Timing, those moments in life when one overlaps another. reminds me of laughter at funerals. You are in the think of your studies and working, yet still finding touching moments and sharing.
x E

naida said...

ahhhh...relinquish. I havent been to the library in forever. Willpower is fantastic as well. Enjoy your Sunday.

Relyn said...

I love the mental picture I have of your solemn, reverent hush being broken by a cacophonous, joyous parade - another kind of worship.

Lucy said...

'relinquish' reminds me of putting old clothes into the 'relai', the bin from which they are taken to be re-used or recycled, a big metal swing receptacle swallows them with a rumble. It feels very decisive, no changing your mind after that...