Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week in Seven Words #85

Résumés remind me of straitjackets.

Apple sauce and apples smeared in almond butter. Autumn foods.

Padding around the apartment, wearing socks to stay warm. Different books wait for me on tables and armrests.

When she's fearful she likes to recruit people to her fears. She gets them excited and ready to act, agitates them, like a girl splashing around on the beach getting water in people's eyes and convincing them a shark's fin is just a dozen feet away.

The large padded envelope she brings me is splashed with bright colors and streamers, and it yields cards and smaller envelopes like starbursts.

One lingering summer night. It's balmy out on the porch, where the trees creep close and leaves rattle on the paved path.

Sing, Sing, Sing played by The Benny Goodman Orchestra beats and blares and explodes out of my laptop. It's the kind of music that can make people feel like born dancers.


Crafty Green Poet said...

fruitage - delicious! I love this time of abundant apples!

Elisheva said...

These bring me right there into the moment. Into your September and changing season. A wholesome season and an exciting one, both in the letting go of summer, knowing the wilds of winter approach and again, just having to let go. Homey summertide fruitage. Brilliant, will carry them about with me all week!

x E

John Hayes said...

Fruitage sounds delicious! & yes, Goodman Orchestra really could swing!

naida said...

I like the images you create with 'homey' and 'fruitage'. I do love when Autumn rolls in.
Enjoy your weekend.

Lucy said...

These posts remind me of that 'sparklers' envelope!

Nan said...

Pother is really interesting. There are people like that. Ugh.
My drummer son played SSS in his high school band, and it was a real highlight of that period of his life (and ours!).

Relyn said...

The music of swing always does make me feel like a born dancer. And then I dance. YIKES!