Monday, July 11, 2011

Week in Seven Words #75

We find a rose garden and a magnolia garden facing each other across a quiet street. Both are past their season. Both are mostly empty. A breeze shimmers through them.

Fireworks rumbling at the day's end.

I share as much of the truth as I can bring myself to without distressing them unduly.

It's a happy lazy day, when the sun pounds through my head; I play Scrabble, fight off sleepiness, and read out loud from a chapter book about a pig in search of hot buttered toast.

They take me on a tour through their slowly growing Lego town. In the pizza parlor a Lego lady is firing up some pies.

Chocolates wrapped in slick foil of different colors: orange, ocean blue, silver, gold, and fir green.

We glimpse The Thinker through a sprawl of planks and chain-link fencing. He's hemmed in.