Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week in Seven Words #73

One of the best ways to be woken up early is by a phone call from someone who missed hearing your voice.

An inflatable bouncing castle has been set up outside of a bar, where the happy hour crowd is deep in mixed drinks and beer. People jump around inside the castle while on the sidewalk two entertainers dressed up as Nemo the clownfish and Elmo throw down some dance moves to hip-hop.

My mind feels like a firefly in a jar this afternoon, glowing, tapping against the glass.

In a bricked-off courtyard with bare metal chairs and tables, a fountain gurgles, staving off the silence.

When the trolley groans to a halt it makes a noise like a desert horn unearthed from sand and sounded for the first time in centuries.

The squirrel sits up on the deserted porch, a peanut sticking out of its mouth as it monitors the sidewalk.

A timely phone call and conversation, where he reminds me not to keep things bottled up. A couple of days later he emails me a reminder that I can tape up to the wall above my desk.


m. heart said...

Atypical is right!

ramona said...

Wonderful group of words!
I'm experiencing the same kind of surveillance:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

surveillance is my favourite, I've seen squirrels do that many a time!

Lucy said...

Soliloquy and sonority in particular seem like small miracles of intense and imaginative observation.

John Hayes said...

These are simply beautiful--one of my favorite sets--& it makes so much emotional/poetic sense to begin with arisen & end with uncorked.

HKatz said...

Thank you all; I enjoy reading your comments, and I'm glad you took pleasure in these word-pictures.

Relyn said...

I'd give a lot to visit yoru atypical bar on that atypical day.