Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week in Seven Words #69

The same sentence can mean a number of different things depending on the context in which it's uttered, the way it's uttered, who utters it, and who's listening. And from a very young age we grapple with all these sources of information - the words themselves, the words in a web of context. Day-to-day, without thinking about it, we perform these mental feats.

When the brain is a pool float, bobbing gently on light blue chlorinated waters.

At the wedding, two guests tie a bunch of cloth napkins into a makeshift rope and start twirling it round and round as a jumprope for the bride. She holds onto the skirt of her gown and jumps, smiling and laughing. Just as she starts to get tired her mother-in-law and then one of her sisters-in-law bounce in, and they hold out for a little while to cheers and shouts of encouragement.

The drive, late on a Sunday afternoon, is a surprising treat. Quiet suburban neighborhoods with deep green lawns give way to gas stations and highways.

To help them prepare for their upcoming visit I send them information about what sites to visit, which neighborhoods to walk through (and which to avoid), and how they can best get around. I'm happy about their visit and also have a proprietary feeling towards the city where I live. I don't always think of this city as home, but in moments like these I feel it's mine.

At the dessert reception a table with marshmallows, melting chocolate, and graham crackers. Guests in formal attire lick their fingers.

Orange creamsicles at the end of a long hot day.


naida said...

Now I'm craving an Orange creamsicle :)

'circumstances' rings very true.

John Hayes said...

"Inattention" really strikes me--what a remarkable image. I recall the "proprietary" feeling from when I'd have guests in San Francisco--for better or worse, I feel much less that way in Idaho. Both the "smores" & the "zest" are delightful!

HKatz said...

Now I'm craving an Orange creamsicle :)
It's the right weather for a creamsicle!

"Inattention" really strikes me--what a remarkable image.
Thanks - I think it actually did come to me during a moment's inattention :)

Thanks for commenting!

Relyn said...

What a terrific wedding that must have been. I love the way you can preserve memories so well in such a few short words.

Lucy said...

Knotted is fabulous, with its tangential puns of 'get knotted' and 'tying the knot'.

I'm not sure I know what a creamsicle is but it sounds delicious!