Monday, May 9, 2011

Week in Seven Words #66

At the bookstore the four-year-old boy keeps asking his mom to buy him books that are geared towards young teenagers and older elementary school children. After saying 'no' for the dozenth time, his mother finally makes him an offer - "Read one page from any of those books and I'll get it for you." The kid opens a book, stares at it, then says loftily, "I don't feel like reading now. How about I read it when we get home?" His mother laughs but doesn't relent.

As if I'm plucking petals off a daisy, but instead of saying "He loves me, he loves me not" it's "I can do this, no I can't."

Children spill into the cafeteria, squashing ten to a table, swiping at brownies and slices of pizza, sending up a cloud of chatter that their chaperones attempt to shout over.

I've walked past this building many times, but I go inside now and take delight - clerestory windows, doors with leaded glass, a giant ornate clock, stairwells curling up past stacks of books.

The joy of making someone laugh so hard they have to slap their hand over their mouth to keep crumbs and pieces of cheese from flying out.

Throughout the meeting I'm on edge. Some of what we discuss seems helpful, but I'm not sure. I don't want to be misled.

I appreciate their encouragement and advice so much. I'll need to let them know.


ramona said...

I love each of these. I love the feeling of going from the of the cafeteria to the lightwell.

John Hayes said...

Oh, I know the indecision daisy very well. But I'm sure you "can"! "Snorfle" is a wonderful word.

naida said...

I like 'snorfle' :)

Lucy said...

Lightwell sounds like the kind of oasis you need. I wish we could meet and you could make me snorfle!

HKatz said...

I love the feeling of going from the of the cafeteria to the lightwell.

I didn't think of that, but you're right - there's a sense of progression from one place to the other.

But I'm sure you "can"!
Thanks, I hope so!

I like 'snorfle' :)
Snorfling is a source of joy in life :)

Thanks all for commenting! (and to Lucy also, whose comment was gobbled up by Google).

Relyn said...

Snorfle thrilled me. Mostly because it reminded me of the word my daughter coined when she was only 4. She said that snortle was when you laughed so hard you snorted. Great, hunh?