Monday, May 16, 2011

Week in Seven Words #67

We have the table near the fish tank, and over sushi and beef dumplings we tell funny stories and clink our glasses in a toast.

On a blue breezy day we scramble among the rocks that overlook the lake.

A moment after I step out of the elevator, they emerge from another one. It's a wonderful surprise; they were on their way to meet me, and now I get to see them even sooner than I expected.

Candles at one end of the table, and in the window a rose pink sunset.

It's a gift-wrapped day, an oasis in a week that's mostly desert. I spend the day with people I love - walking, exploring, reading, talking.

Also called bone-headed dinosaurs, something that makes us giggle as we read through the dinosaur book.

In my arms he fidgets, grumbles, sucks on the lapel of my jacket and cries when it fails to nourish him.


Lucy said...

I like both bedrock and irenic for their colours and sense of peace. I like irenic for the word too, which I had to look up!

naida said...

I love the image you created with 'irenic'.

Relyn said...

I love your idea of a gift-wrapped day. We all need them, don't we? And, I am giggling to over the big bonehead.